Buying Fast Traffic

If you want to have success with media buys, you need to first understand what makes a campaign work, especially when you’re promoting affiliate products. Beginners often fail at this, as they don’t have a strong plan and lack experience.

What’s a worst case scenario like?

If you don’t start small, you could end up wasting a lot of money. You must test with a small budget before scaling up.

If you don’t keep terms and conditions in mind you could get banned. This commonly occurs when you use an affiliate product that which does not adhere to the ad network‘s terms and conditions. Your business could be stopped before you even start.

Once your campain is active, you will first need to deactivate the content network application. This particular feature allows your ad networks to display your ads on partner websites. The content network feature should remain turned off to avoid spending money on traffic that isn’t necessarily as targeted as you’d like. If you have a landing page that gathers emails, site visitors from the content network will not be as likely to sign up as the visitors coming from the search listings. So, you should shut off the content network capability in order to save cash. You can check out the content network when you have a huge testing budget to play with advertising. Until then, stick to the search ads.

Another way to revenue from media buys and affiliate offers is to target high paying products. This is because you’re not going to make a lot of cash if you’re paying for traffic and selling a cheap eBook. After you compensate for the cost of the ads, your commission should still be large enough to turn a good profit. You should promote products that have a higher value and are in the bracket of at least $50. In such a way you build an advantage over your competitors, as well as keep a margin for making revenues.

Your goal is to find a profitable combination of ad campaign and product offer and to scale up. You must test and start small if you expect to have success promoting affiliate offers with paid traffic.

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