Cost Per View Marketing

adrian morrison - cpvAdrian Morrison‘s number 1 traffic driving method is CPV marketing, and the correct application of his strategy can earn you good money every week.

CPV or ‘Cost Per View‘ is a mode of online marketing that requires the advertiser to pay every time an advertisement is displayed or viewed. It is a practical marketing method in that it does not require the advertiser to make any ads: banners or text ads. On the contrary, Cost Per View revolves around showing pop-ups. The advertiser is required to sign-up to a CPV serving network where he builds a campaign by filling-in a form indicating the targeted keywords or URLs. Of course, the advertiser or publisher is supposed to research on the keywords using the available tools. This process saves advertisers both time and money that could have been spent making the ads.

For Cost Per View marketing to work, the user has to download Ad-ware, which usually requires them to play a game or try out a useful program. There are some users who mistake Ad-ware for Spyware. The two differ in that the installation of Ad-ware occurs with your full consent, which implies that you can uninstall it whenever you like. The Ad-ware is an application that runs in the background while monitoring the websites that you open or search queries entered. Now, when a person uses a computer in which the Ad-ware has been installed and keys in a specific keyword or visits a specific webpage that is being targeted in the CPV marketing campaign, a pop-up appears and shows the prospective customer your affiliate site.

Cost Per View is a cheap form of marketing that allows bids to begin as low as $0.004 per view, due to its great capacity. However, advertisers should be careful when selecting CPV marketing networks. This is because the bigger ones can send too much traffic at once, causing your server to crash. As such, it is better to start by building a campaign with a smaller network as you familiarize yourself with CPV.

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