Easy Ways To Generate Fast Traffic

The quantity of data received and sent by visitors of a web site is called “Web traffic“. It has been the largest piece of the Internet traffic puzzle. Some prefer advertisements, others pay for space on the screen. Some also generate their web traffic through SEO. Especially, in terms of internet and business online you’ve got to increase web traffic quickly if you want to popularize your site and do great business.

Now, there’s several ways to generate your web traffic. But here I’m going to tell you two easy and quick ways to generate your web traffic.

1.Article marketing

This process may take a few time to build up the web traffic but it’s a very good and smart way to increase your visitors in a certain period of time.

Now how can you do that? You have to go to GOOGLE ADWORDS and use the google adwords tool. Look for the less competition and very high searches for the keywords.

Now you have write a good number of articles using these keywords and submit these to HIGH PR article sites like articlebase.com,ezine articles.com,yahoo!voices etc etc.

5-6 articles/week may do it.

2.PPC (Pay per click) and CPV(Cost per view)

There’s no doubt that PPC and CPV are the fastest ways to generate the web traffic. It may need some setup.

In PPC method you pay customer everytime the user clicks your advertisement. And in CPV, the user has to go to your website to get paid after showing interest on your page. Again, You can use Google adwords and Google adwords tool and do some brain work to get this job Done. Look for less competition and High keyword searches to search for your words.

Now what is better? I think CPV is the better way I think. Because the consumer has to visit your website in this process. You can also increase the amount of actual visitors of your site and have your payment done in the right way.

So, Here were the two simple and quick way to generate your web traffic. I gave you both ideas of generating your web traffic quickly and also taking a bit time. But both are very effective and sure way I can assure you that.

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