1. sushanta says:

    How many up-sells does Fast Traffic Formula have??

    • admin says:

      3 Adrian and Anthony Morrison always have a lot of upsells in their products and Fast Traffic Formula is no different. However, you don’t need to buy any of the upsells. I honestly don’t recommend purchasing the upsells if your on a budget. The main product is all you really need, especially if your a complete beginner.

  2. Adele says:

    Hi i would just like to know if this purchase price is all i need or is this also like the Big Idea Mastermind as where they dont tell you before the time that after purchasing the “program” that you would actually have to SELL THEIR PRODUCT TO MAKE YOUR MONEY AND THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE MORE PRODUCTS TO PURCHASE TO GO ON HIGHER LEVELS? (R50 000 LATER)? 😕

    • admin says:

      You only need the initial product to make money with Fast Traffic Formula. You will be offered additional products, but thry are not at all neccessay. You wont be asked to promote FTF or any other product

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