Growing Your Online Business

Have you tried using ClickSure or Adwords? Many consider AdWords to be quite easy to use. A lot of marketers claim that they can teach you how to have easy success with Adwords, but they often cannot deliver.

Adwords can be very effective in growing your business… if you do it right.

To have success, you must first understand exactly what makes an AdWords campaign tick, especially when you’re targeting products from ClickSure. Not knowing where you’re going with your business can cause expensive mistakes.

What do you want to avoid? You could even be black listed from Adwords with no advance warning if you do not remember the AdWords conditions and rules. Basically, this scenario would occur if a ClickSure item does not fall within AdWords’ guidelines. Your business will be halted prior to you even really starting it.

In this article, we will give you helpful tips on how to earn cash selling ClickSure products with a good Adwords campaign.

After your campaign is up and operational on Adwords, the next item you want to accomplish is to disable the content network feature. This application enables Google to exhibit all of your AdWords campaigns on affiliate sites like Squidoo, Blogger, etc.Be sure to have the content feature turned off, as you will have more general traffic from those sites than the targeted clicks for your ad campaigns. Basically, you’ll have a harder time collecting leads with your landing pages if the feature is on. Just use common sense to conserve your cash and shut down the content network. You can check out the content network when you have a huge testing budget to play with advertising. Otherwise go with the search traffic.

A good idea when promoting ClickSure products on AdWords is to target the keywords with the product name/brand name rather than the general keywords. For example, let’s assume that you want to use AdWords to promote a product in the weight loss niche. You will be able to go with long tail keywords like “how to lose weight” or “weight loss tips” if you really want to; although, the majority of these keywords are highly competitive. If you want to get your keywords for less cash, you will want to bid on keywords that include the actual item or manufacturer’s name.

Following the above pointers using ClickSure and Adwords together will help you achieve success in your online business. Most people will quit the first time they fail, but you have to understand that this is not failing. There is a learning curve, and no matter how much research you do before starting, you will lose money in the beginning. The key is to start small, test things, and when you’re ready, scale up.

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