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How To Create Instant Traffic on Your Website

There are many ways of generating instant traffic on a website and among them is by the use of Google AdWords. It uses pay-per-click mechanism where people pay when the click on the AdWord. Clicks usually depend on how popular your keyword is meaning, the more trendy it is, the more clicks it receives. The cost of click ranges from cents to dollars. It depends on where your ad is ranked on search engines and its popularity. However, ad impressions don’t pay meaning you don’t receive any payment until somebody clicks on the AdWord. So, how can you generate traffic to your website? Take a look at these tips;

Come Up With a List of Keywords

A list of keywords is simply a niche of words that receives less searches and face little or no competition on the internet but generates the targeted traffic. These are the best words you should use for your Google Adwords campaigns. You can generate your list of keywords by either using Google’s keyword suggestion tool or the Wordtracker.

Write a Powerful Ad Copy

An Ad copy is very essential for the success of any Google AdWord. If you have killer keywords and a powerful copy, this combination will be a stronghold for your Adword. People will be attracted to your keyword maybe out of curiosity and hence more clicks.

Test and Track Your Adwords

Unfortunately, most people tend to forget to test and track how their Adword is performing. For perfect results, this is a requirement for AdWords campaigns. Split-test your keywords by spicing up your ad copy all the time. It’s like you are refreshing your ad copy.

Buy Text Links

You can also buy forum signatures from big communities with active members. Here, you get to hire people to assist you in posting blog comments. These comments should have a link to your website- URL to act as a guide for your visitors.

Google PPC Advertising

Google is the leading search engine today with over 80% of searches being accounted for by Google. Google advertising is the most cost-effective way of doing online advertising. If you wish to reach a qualified audience, then you must advertise on Google!

When is Google Advertising the right solution for you?

• Need more visitors to your website
• Your competitors figure much higher than you in the organic searches
• You require a better online presence
• Your need more sales conversions

How can you advertise on Google?

You have to open a Google AdWords account by following some easy instructions. Once you have zeroed in on the optimum keywords/key phrases, your ads will appear on Google searches and on Google partner websites. You can see these ads positioned right on top or on top right hand side of the search page for the particular keyword. This gives you the best visibility possible to a targeted audience who is looking for your product/service, and the ads are also geospecific. You pay nothing for the appearance of the ad but only per click. This rate is determined in advance, and you have the option of specifying the budget you wish to be utilized per day or monthly. Hence, it is very flexible to execute.

The problems you need to look out for when advertising on Google are click frauds, unproductive keywords, bad quality scores, going over budget and so on. Let me explain Quality Scores a bit in depth. Quality Score is a number between 1 and 10 that is given by Google to keywords that advertisers bid on. Higher scores are generally considered good and lower scores bad. A good quality score can work in your favor by giving you a high impression share, better positioning of ad and reducing your cost per click. A lower Quality Score will do exactly the opposite. Thus, a good campaign manager needs to constantly check the campaign for the Quality Scores of the keywords used. To ensure that your advertising campaign on Google succeeds, you also have to ensure that the landing page is good and crisp and leads to quick conversions of the qualified leads generated by the advertising.