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Cost Per View Marketing

adrian morrison - cpvAdrian Morrison‘s number 1 traffic driving method is CPV marketing, and the correct application of his strategy can earn you good money every week.

CPV or ‘Cost Per View‘ is a mode of online marketing that requires the advertiser to pay every time an advertisement is displayed or viewed. It is a practical marketing method in that it does not require the advertiser to make any ads: banners or text ads. On the contrary, Cost Per View revolves around showing pop-ups. The advertiser is required to sign-up to a CPV serving network where he builds a campaign by filling-in a form indicating the targeted keywords or URLs. Of course, the advertiser or publisher is supposed to research on the keywords using the available tools. This process saves advertisers both time and money that could have been spent making the ads.

For Cost Per View marketing to work, the user has to download Ad-ware, which usually requires them to play a game or try out a useful program. There are some users who mistake Ad-ware for Spyware. The two differ in that the installation of Ad-ware occurs with your full consent, which implies that you can uninstall it whenever you like. The Ad-ware is an application that runs in the background while monitoring the websites that you open or search queries entered. Now, when a person uses a computer in which the Ad-ware has been installed and keys in a specific keyword or visits a specific webpage that is being targeted in the CPV marketing campaign, a pop-up appears and shows the prospective customer your affiliate site.

Cost Per View is a cheap form of marketing that allows bids to begin as low as $0.004 per view, due to its great capacity. However, advertisers should be careful when selecting CPV marketing networks. This is because the bigger ones can send too much traffic at once, causing your server to crash. As such, it is better to start by building a campaign with a smaller network as you familiarize yourself with CPV.

6 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site Fast

The amount of data which is sent or received by the site visitors is called “web traffic”. You must have opened a new site .Now how to increase free traffic? How to improve the numbers of your website’s visitors? Well, there are certainly some smart and effective ways to do them. Here I’m going to tell you some easy points, hope they will be helpful. Especially if you’ve opened a site about business and internet these are going to be really co-operative. Try following them and you’re going to have lots of visitors in your website soon.

Few tips about generating web traffic:

1. Keyword Researching:

Use Google ad words and looks for highest search and less competition words that go with the topics of your website. Use those words in your website and your website visitors will increase as your page will be shown more and more depending on your use of keywords in the search engines.

2. SEO help:

Try doing the online advertisement. Hire some guys to generate back links for you in all the sites with high page rank. This is one of the smartest ways to increase free traffic.

3. Starting a blog:

Open a blog in a popular blogging site and advertise your website. This may do the trick for you and help increasing web traffic for you. The more you advertise the more your visitors will increase.

4. Update of website:

Update your websites regularly to interest people to visit your website again and again. If your website’s content is unique, interesting then your website visitors will improve faster. You need to be practical and must think of updating the website with useful material and try giving some exclusive ideas about your content. They are going to like it.

5. PPC and CPV:

Pay per click and Cost per view are the fastest ways to increase web traffic of your website. These are also Adrian Morrison‘s favorite ways for generating fast traffic. PPC is the system where you’ll pay the customer every time they click your website advertisement and in CPV the customers enter your site and you pay them. Both are very effective to increase web traffic of your website. CPV is better to me because the customers are entering your site and watching your content. First time, maybe they are visiting for money but if they like your site they will visit it again and again and ask other to visit your website.

6. Social marketing:

Now a days social marketing is the most common and helpful method of generating web traffic. As people are the now related to social networking really deeply this will really help you do the trick. Open your website’s page in the famous social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. If you show the people that your website is interesting you’ll surely get a good number of visitors at a short time.

So, here were some easy and helpful ways to increase free traffic for your internet and business online websites. I can assure you, if you follow them you’re going to get good results in the end. So don’t waste your time and start generating web traffic of your website.

Easy Ways To Generate Fast Traffic

The quantity of data received and sent by visitors of a web site is called “Web traffic“. It has been the largest piece of the Internet traffic puzzle. Some prefer advertisements, others pay for space on the screen. Some also generate their web traffic through SEO. Especially, in terms of internet and business online you’ve got to increase web traffic quickly if you want to popularize your site and do great business.

Now, there’s several ways to generate your web traffic. But here I’m going to tell you two easy and quick ways to generate your web traffic.

1.Article marketing

This process may take a few time to build up the web traffic but it’s a very good and smart way to increase your visitors in a certain period of time.

Now how can you do that? You have to go to GOOGLE ADWORDS and use the google adwords tool. Look for the less competition and very high searches for the keywords.

Now you have write a good number of articles using these keywords and submit these to HIGH PR article sites like articlebase.com,ezine articles.com,yahoo!voices etc etc.

5-6 articles/week may do it.

2.PPC (Pay per click) and CPV(Cost per view)

There’s no doubt that PPC and CPV are the fastest ways to generate the web traffic. It may need some setup.

In PPC method you pay customer everytime the user clicks your advertisement. And in CPV, the user has to go to your website to get paid after showing interest on your page. Again, You can use Google adwords and Google adwords tool and do some brain work to get this job Done. Look for less competition and High keyword searches to search for your words.

Now what is better? I think CPV is the better way I think. Because the consumer has to visit your website in this process. You can also increase the amount of actual visitors of your site and have your payment done in the right way.

So, Here were the two simple and quick way to generate your web traffic. I gave you both ideas of generating your web traffic quickly and also taking a bit time. But both are very effective and sure way I can assure you that.

What Are CPV Ads?

CPV ads are basically pop-up ads. When people surfing the web download software or toolbars, they often agree to receive targeted advertisements in their browsers. Approximately 10% of everyone on the web has enabled pop up ads to be viewed on their computers.

This allows marketers to send very cheap targeted promotions to their market. For as little as $0.004 per ad you can set a “run-of-network” campaign to promote your offer. Run-of-network campaigns are campaigns that are not targeted at all.  This type of campaign should only be used for a very broad advertisement that would appeal to a large portin of the population.

The type of offer you might run in a run-of-network campaign would be something like diet/weight loss offers, free giftcards (popular retailers or products like iPads and BestBuy or Amazon), etc.

You can also run very targeted campaigns. You can target users by either keywords or the actual URLs they visit. Targeted campaigns can get a little more expensive. You have to bid on your ads, but fortunately you don’t have to bid very much.  A good rule of thumb is to bid $0.015 for your ads. This is typically the minimum required bid, but it will still get your ad to run. Spending any more is likely a waste of money.

Using CPV ads can be very profitable, but you must remember to start with a small budget and test your campaigns thoroughly. With enough testing you can find the right campaign that is scalable and can make you a lot of money. Just be sure that the campaign is profitable before you start spending a lot of money. If you’re not careful you could waste all your cash, so be very cautious when approaching CPV ads.

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