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5 Simple Ways To Get More Traffic

Website Traffic is the lifeblood of every website and without it the site may as well not exist. If you are setting up a website and hope to earn any money from it, website visitors are crucial.

There are numerous ways of generating website traffic and below we will look at some of the main methods:

1. SEO – otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization. 

This is by far the most important method to generate website traffic. Most visitors to websites arrive by first typing a search query into a search engine and then clicking one of the first few links in the results page. A well designed website will be optimized so that it appears in the top few results on the search engine for certain key words or phrases. If your website is about holidays in Spain for example, you will want to appear in the search results when people search phrases such as ‘Spanish holidays’ or ‘holidays in Spain’

You should have lots of original content on your site which contain the terms or phrases you want to ‘rank’ for. The more content you have, the more the search engines like your site.

2. Backlinks

If another website contains a link to yours, that is known as a backlink and the more of these you have, the more relevant your site looks to the search engines. This helps your website to appear higher up on the results page, but also means that people visiting other sites may click those backlinks and come to your site.

3. Adwords

google adwordsWhen you look at the results page on a search engine, there will be a column of adverts to the right hand side. These adverts are paid for by other website owners and appear when certain search terms are used. You can use Adwords yourself and appear in that column, which will result in targeted visitors clicking that paid link and arriving on your site.

4. Social Media

Many businesses have their own pages on social media sites such as Facebook and you should too. Every time you post articles or information to your social media page, you are including a link to your website. This is free website traffic and every website owner should be taking advantage of it.

5. Email Marketing

Well designed email marketing campaigns can result in many people clickinng on links within the email and therefore arriving at your website. Email marketing when done correctly is a very important method of driving well targeted website traffic to you.

There are many, many other methods of driving customers to your site but these 5 are all equally important. If you make sure you use the methods above correctly you will see an immediate increase in your website traffic and therefore, your income.

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Targeted Traffic – Fast Results

Adrian's StudentA new search traffic course, Fast Traffic Formula, will be launched by Internet Marketer Adrian Morrison. Any marketer will be able to get more traffic than they ever thought possible. In fact, you’ll be surprised to see your sites at the top of Google, where the competition is extremely high. Adrian’s system has the power to let you take a brand new site and have it on the first page in less than an hour. Adrian has done this with his very own sites, and the results have been overwhelming. The whole system was designed keeping in mind that anyone; almost anyone would be able to get high rankings fast. You don’t need any special set of skills to apply these methods and get results. Next we’ll go into how you’ll do this for your own businesses.

This SEO system is based on Adrian’s experiences, testing, mistakes, and successes. It’s the exact same method that he’s been using for over a year now to rank his niche affiliate websites in top positions in Google. No concerns if you’ve never done SEO, his strategies are very straightforward to implement. The course is targeted towards newbies and advanced users alike. His system is designed to integrate and use external sites, or the Web2.0 sites. If you’re new to IM and on a budget, there will be no need to buy domain names or hosting. It’s really all about responding to the market and what it wants, so it really works very well for what people want. You also don’t have to worry about Google banning you! This SEO system is purely white hat methods and nothing else. It’s all ethical and compliant with what search engines are looking for. It’s a dead simple plan to bank with affiliate products from Amazon by creating and ranking small mini sites.

Adrian Morrison is the kind of teacher whose methods are easy to understand. He doesn’t withhold anything from you, either, but gives you a whole system to use. If you want to really dominate the search engines, Adrian’s system is the kind of complete solution you’ve been looking for.

Yes, right now Fast Traffic Formula is waiting and willing to let you dominate your market.

Fast Traffic Formula Reviews

Fast Traffic Formula Reviews – Here we’ll go over a few fast traffic formulas that you can use to start making money online today…

These are some of the techniques that Adrian Morrison often teaches his students. Some of these will be covered in his Fast Traffic Formula course, but if you’d like to learn more about these methods before buying Adrian’s course, you can download this free guide. In the guide you will learn a number of free, as well as paid, advertising methods.

fast traffic formula review

PPV/CPV Networks – These are paid advertising networks where you can get very inexpensive clicks if you know what you’re doing. Essentially you are paying as little as $0.004 for targeted advertisements to pop over (or under) various websites. This is one of the main techniques that Adrian uses regularly to make thousands of dollars a day.

Some popular networks are DirectCPV, LeadImpact, and Media Traffic.

Solo Ads – If you don’t have a list, you can always rent one. Solo ads are simply email swipes that you create and mail out to a list of targeted buyers. You can contact a solo ad vendor in your niche at a site like Solo Ad Directory

Simply contact a vendor in your niche and find out how much they would charge you for a solo ad. You will also need to ask things like, “Are these buyer leads?”, “What’s the estimated delivery time?”, etc.

Keep in mind that you will be paying PER CLICK. Not per person mailed or per open, so these are actual clicks you’re getting. Non-buyer clicks run about $0.30 each, so you’ll pay about $300 for 1000. Typically solo ads are sold by the thousand.  It’s rare to find someone that will mail buyers for you, but if they do it will likely cost around $1 per click, so you can expect 1,000 clicks to cost $1,000.

Solo ads are a great way to drive traffic to affiliate offers, your own product, or even to build your own email list for future campaigns.

ad swap traffic formulaAd Swaps – Ad swaps are very similar to solo ads except instead of paying for clicks with money, you are exchanging clicks for clicks. For example, I mail my list to your offer until you receive 1,000 clicks, and you mail your list to my offer until I receive 1,000 clicks.

This is a really great and affordable way to grow your list if you don’t mind sharing leads. You of course need to have an email list first, so it might be a good idea to start with solo ads and move to ad swaps later if you’re starting from scratch.

Simply visit My AdSwap to get started with this type of exchange.

So those are just a few methods for generating fast traffic to your website, product, or affiliate offer. If you would like to review these methods and others in greater detail, you can download a free guide from the Fast Traffic Formula Reviews homepage HERE.