What Are CPV Ads?

CPV ads are basically pop-up ads. When people surfing the web download software or toolbars, they often agree to receive targeted advertisements in their browsers. Approximately 10% of everyone on the web has enabled pop up ads to be viewed on their computers.

This allows marketers to send very cheap targeted promotions to their market. For as little as $0.004 per ad you can set a “run-of-network” campaign to promote your offer. Run-of-network campaigns are campaigns that are not targeted at all.  This type of campaign should only be used for a very broad advertisement that would appeal to a large portin of the population.

The type of offer you might run in a run-of-network campaign would be something like diet/weight loss offers, free giftcards (popular retailers or products like iPads and BestBuy or Amazon), etc.

You can also run very targeted campaigns. You can target users by either keywords or the actual URLs they visit. Targeted campaigns can get a little more expensive. You have to bid on your ads, but fortunately you don’t have to bid very much.  A good rule of thumb is to bid $0.015 for your ads. This is typically the minimum required bid, but it will still get your ad to run. Spending any more is likely a waste of money.

Using CPV ads can be very profitable, but you must remember to start with a small budget and test your campaigns thoroughly. With enough testing you can find the right campaign that is scalable and can make you a lot of money. Just be sure that the campaign is profitable before you start spending a lot of money. If you’re not careful you could waste all your cash, so be very cautious when approaching CPV ads.

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